Australian Penthouse – July-August 2016

Revista Australian Penthouse – July-August 2016

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O, his name isn’t Victor Frankenstein. Yes, it’s real.
Doctor Canavero plans to remove the head of a patient
who has volunteered for the surgery and attach it to a
freshly decapitated donor body.
The procedure, named HEAVEN (“head anastomosis venture”)
and Gemini (the subsequent spinal cord fusion), will see Italian
neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero perform the world’s first head
Desperate to cure his condition, known as Werdnig-Hoffman
disease, which has left him wheelchair-bound, with his body
wasting away, Valery Spiridonov, a 31 -year-old Russian
programme manager has volunteered to be the first to
undergo the surgery, which, unsurprisingly, has garnered some
‘I am now 30 years old, although people rarely live to more than
20 with this disease,’ he said last year. ‘l can hardly control my
body now. I need help every day, every minute.’
The 36 hour, $20 million procedure will involve at least 150
people, and sounds like it’s straight out of a futuristic sci-fi flick.
There are doubters, of course, but Canavero is obstinate in his
belief it will work.
He told New Scientist, “It’s important that people stop thinking
this is impossible. This is absolutely possible and we’re working
towards it.”
The hospital suite where it will take place is equipped with virtual
reality engineers, doctors, nurses, technicians and psychologists.
Meanwhile, two surgical teams will work simultaneously — one on
Spiridonov and the other on the donor’s body.
Doctors are then required to chop through both patients’ spinal
cords (shiver) — with a $200,000 diamond nanoblade, so small
that the blades are measured in angstroms. They then have an
hour to reattach Spiridonov head (now nearly frozen), to the
donor’s body, where blood flow will continue and surgeons will
sew the arteries and veins to Spiridonov new body.

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Michael Sarr, editor of the journal, Surgery, who is a surgeon at
the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, said: ‘If the so-called
head transplant works, this is going to open up a whole new
science of spinal cord trauma reconstruction’.
ONE man’s attempt to take a selfie with a 1 26-year-old statue
has gone terribly wrong after it crashed to the ground and
shattered, police said.
Police did not identify the man who accidentally toppled the statue
of Dom Sebastiao after climbing to the base of it to take a selfie.
The man tried to flee the scene but was apprehended by police.
He will appear before the police at a later date.

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Sebastio was the penultimate Portuguese monarch of the House
of Aviv who, crowned at the age of 3, ruled between 1 557 – 1 578,
and died at the age of 24 in battle, during a crusade of his making.

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