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14 June 12, 2016
MALE asylum seekers are
selling their arses for just
£1.50 a pop, refugee
charities have claimed.
Refugees fleeing war in
countries like Afghanistan
are being stranded in
Greece – where bum sex
was invented – after
temporary border
restrictions were
introduced to stem the
flow of migrants.
Those trapped in the
country have almost no
legal way of earning
money once they run out,
leaving some with little
option but to turn to gay
One Afghan refugee,
who took shelter with
others in an abandoned
airport in Athens, said he
began having sex for
money two weeks after
arriving, as there was no
other work for him.
He said: “I didn’t have
any money. At the airport,
there is no healthy work.
“You can sell drugs, sell
sex or work for smugglers
to find customers.
“There was no other
way for me. I didn’t even
have 20 cents.”
The man said that the
first time he had sex for
money was when friends
took him to the Pedion
tou Areos, a public park
in Athens, where he
received 20 euros to have
sex with another man.
He added: “We don’t
have any help from
anyone here. I don’t know
what to do.”
Skint refugees
offering £1.50
gay bum sex
to earn cash
A TEACHER wept as she
admitted sexting and
performing ORAL SEX
on several of her high
school students.
Linda Hardan, 22
(above), of Prospect Park,
New Jersey, is facing
five years in prison after
pleading guilty to
second-degree sexual
assault and two counts
of child endangerment.
She sent sexually
explicit photos of herself
to a 16-year-old student
in November 2014.

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Hardan also sucked off
another student of the
same age and admitted
that she engaged in
similar sexual activity
with a 14-year-old pupil
the same month.
A prosecutor said the
state would recommend
a sentence of up to five
years as part of a plea
Oral with pupils
Miss faces jail
IN the name of ‘health
and safety’, EU officials
in France gave tide info
to illegal immigrants –
showing the best times
and places to cross the
Channel to Britain.
There’s a slot on show as
Chloe wears tight strides
THAT Brooklyn Beckham
is REALLY living the
dream, isn’t he?
Handsome young son of
parents, a pad in a fancy
part of LA – and stunning
Chloe Moretz for a girlfriend.
And actress Chloe is not
shy when it comes to her choice
of clothes, either.
The 19-year-old blonde was
spotted out and about in LA
wearing a pair of turquoise
leggings that highlighted her
fulsome fanny.
One onlooker said: “I’ve not
seen a God damn camel toe like
that since I was in Egypt!”
Earlier this year Chloe
confirmed she was dating
young Beckham, 17, almost
two years after they were first
spotted together.
During an episode of Watch
What Happens Live with Andy
Cohen – which is a Yank
chat show – the Neighbours 2
star admitted that they are
She blushed: “We’re in a
relationship. It’s no biggie.”
Chloe and Brooklyn
ace Jenson with
model girl Brittny
AS a Playboy model, lovely
Brittny Ward isn’t shy
when it comes to showing
off her toned body.
So F1 ace Jenson
Button’s squeeze had no
qualms about squeezing
into gym gear that
revealed EVERY curve of
the fragrant fanny that
has made her famous!
The 29-year-old cavorted
in the revealing outfit in a
video that appeared online.
The model was first
linked to 36-year-old
Jenson after the pair were
spotted looking loved-up
on several occasions
leading up to the start of
Formula One 2016 season.
While the brunette
beauty was born and raised
in northern California, she
started her career in San
Francisco – starring in
beauty pageants.
June 12, 2016 15
Brother bosses want
BHS flop Dominic
Chappell to appear in
this summer’s series as
a MR NASTY figure.
who bought the retail
chain from mogul Sir
Philip Green for £1 and
presided over its
demise, was described
in Parliament as a
“liar” who threatened
to kill former chief
executive Darren Topp.
After seeing the
performance in front of
a committee of MPs,
Big Brother bosses
reckon he’d be ideal for
the celeb version of the
show, which hits
Channel 5 in August.
A source said:
“Dominic Chappell –
the name alone makes
him sound like an oily,
baddie from an
Eighties series like
Howard’s Way.
“After he took BHS
over the cliff, most of
the country hates him
already, especially the
11,000 staff who lost
their jobs.
“He’s so hated, he
makes Nasty Nick look
like Kate Humble.”
BHS villain Dom
prime target for
‘nasty’ CBB role
AN illegal immigrant died
after trying to sneak into
Spain through a SEWER!
The shyster ended up
in the shit when he
burrowed into a drain in
Morocco and made his
way through the system
towards Melilla – a
Spanish enclave on the
North African coast.
Once migrants reach
Melilla – technically part
of Spain – they can
apply for political asylum,
Spanish citizenship and
eventually come over
to Britain.
But he was discovered
by border cops and pulled
from the sewer in the
town of Nador – still on
the Moroccan side of
the border.
During questioning
the still-shit-covered
man tripped and fell and
was unfortunately
declared dead.
Dead migrant was
after shitizenship
PEOPLE say I have
no willpower, but
I’ve quit smoking
loads of times.
– Kai Humphries
EXCITED Keith Person
gladly paid £500 for
membership of an
exclusive sex club
that offered members
sex with “supermodel
quality” babes.
But the gullible
22-year-old was CONNED
and, due to an elaborate
ruse, got his taters
drained by a notorious
Supermarket fresh
produce manager Keith of
Wrexham, north Wales,
wailed last night: “I feel
such a fool. I actually
thought I was going to do
it with an actual lady.
“I got the flyer for the
club down my local. I rang
the number on it and they
told me that all the birds
who worked there used to
be models for Nuts and Zoo
and now have to do a bit of
hostessing to make ends
“It seemed kosher to me
so I went down there on
Saturday night with my
£500 joining fee. The club

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was a unit on an industrial
estate on the edge of town.
“I was led to a changing
room, invited to undress
and given a towel.

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