Revista Kama Sensations – June 2016

Revista Kama Sensations – June 2016

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Along For the Ride
Rita and I were heading home at 3
A.M. after crashing a friend- of-a friend’s
party. I only went along
because Rita didn’t want to go solo.
Rita’s not really my girlfriend— we
just use each other for great buddy
sex. The problem is that she’s
always on the lookout for some new
way to ratchet up her sex life.
Rita made her move as we headed
east on the Long Island Rail Road.
We practically had the car to
ourselves, and if I hadn’t done that
last shot of Jack Daniels. I might
have realized I was being set up. We
were sitting in the back of the last
car when Rita started nuzzling my
neck. I was up for fooling around a
little, so we started kissing and
feeling each other up. I moved my
hand under Rita’s sweater, and
Rita’s found their way to my cock. In
no time I had a hard-on. and she
hadn’t even unzipped my pants!
I was really enjoying the handjob,
but soon I was thinking about Rita’s
mind-blowing hummers. If we were
discreet, no one else in the car had
to know. Unfortunately. Rita didn’t
always remember the meaning of the
word discreet. I quickly looked
around. Satisfied that there was
enough distance between us and the
few passengers in the car, I let Rita
unzip my pants.
“Suck me off, Rita.” I moaned, but
she just teased me with fleeting
licks while glancing up to gauge my
reaction. I was going crazy. “Come
on. Rita,” I pleaded, but she just
kept teasing….
I am not a selfish lout. Once we were
off the train, I was certainly willing
to go to her place—or mine— and
return the favor by eating her out
and then banging her until she cried
out with pleasure again and again.
I just didn’t like the idea of getting
busted by the cops and being led
away in handcuffs.
So far we’d been damn lucky. Rita
had manipulated me into screwing
her at a concert, in a park, on a
public beach, and on a balcony in
broad daylight—and we hadn’t been
caught, yet. She had a way of getting
me so tuned up that before I knew
it, I was fucking her in a high-risk
location. Rita loved getting off on
the danger of it.

Sex with Rita under normal
circumstances was akin to a religious
experience. I didn’t need the fear
of getting caught to put me over the
top. but what Rita wants. Rita gets—
and this time was no exception. She
had me so worked up that she knew I
couldn’t say no once she was
straddling my lap, with her
irresistible pussy poised over my
cock. Rita’s panties had performed a
vanishing act and her skirt fanned
out over my lap, farming a convenient
Rita gripped the top of my seat and
slowly lowered herself down onto my
cock. Just being inside her tight
snatch was almost enough to make
me come. I gripped her hips to hold
her steady and tried not to think
about whether the conductor had
already done his walk-through. But
Rita, still holding on to the back of
my seat, began raising and lowering
her hips and grinding against me in o
circular motion that had me thinking.
Fuck it!, so I started pumping into
her. I slid my hands under her
sweater again, cupping her breasts
as I fucked her. Rita was now riding
my cock as hard as she could and
moaning loud enough to be heard
over the train’s engine. Not only was
the noise level becoming a factor,
but any hearing- impaired passenger
who hadn’t slept through this sexual
aria could surely see Rita’s head of
blue-spiked hair bobbing up and
Turned on—but on the verge of
panic—I said between clenched
teeth. “Rita, you’d better be ready
because I’m done!” As I erupted, my
hot come surged into her. Rita rode
out her own orgasm, milking my cock
with her well-trained muscles. Out of
breath and out of tricks, Rita slid
off me just as we pulled into the
station. I felt exhausted and
relieved that I had survived yet
another of Rita’s wild rides.— Name
and address withheld.

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Six months ago. I met this guy
named Evan while working out at the
gym. Evan knows a lot about
bodybuilding, so we started talking
about technique and hanging out at a
bar on Fridays after our workouts.
One evening while we were having
drinks, an incredibly hot redhead
walked in. She looked about 30, and
was absolutely gorgeous from head
to toe.
“Oh, man! Look at that.” I gasped to
Evan after she walked past us.
“Check out that beautiful ass!”

The hottie walked all the way to the
end of the bar, then turned and
headed back in our direction. Then
she stopped right in front of us and
gave Evan a kiss on the cheek. Evan
introduced her to me as his wife,
Nola, and I wanted to crawl under
the table and die.
Evan just laughed as Nola sat down,
and went on to embarrass me
further by informing her that I had
been checking out her ass. Nola
smiled and said she had heard a lot
about me from Evan and was pleased
to finally meet me.
We had a great time just hanging out
and talking for a couple of hours.
Nola seemed really cool, and several
times I thought how lucky Evan was
to be able to go home to her every
night. When Nola got up to go to the
ladies’ room, she whispered
something in Evan’s ear. As soon as
she was out of sight. Evan said that
Nola really liked me. She wanted to
know if I would like to come home
with them and fuck her.
Where did that come from? I nearly
choked on my drink before asking
Evan if he was serious. He was. and
said that while Nola had been with a
lot of other men before they got
married, he was the only one Nola
had ever let fuck her in the ass.
Now, what they both wanted was to
videotape Nola getting her ass
reamed by another man.
The offer was totally unexpected,
but much too enticing to pass up. I
told Evan that if it was okay with
him, anything that involved Nola and
her fine ass was cool with me.
When Nola returned, she could tell
by the grins on our faces that my
answer had been yes. Then she
smiled at me, promised me a night
I’d not soon forget, and sealed that
promise by kissing me like a long-lost
lover. I gladly picked up the bar tab
and we drove to their house.
They led me straight to the bed
room, and while Evan set up his
digital camera. Nola and I took off
our clothes. I feasted my eyes on
her big tits and large pink nipples,
and finally got to see that beautiful
ass of hers in the flesh. I couldn’t

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wait to drive my cock inside.
When Nola saw my cock standing at
attention, she said, “lam going to be
so happy by the end of the night.
Come here, Aiden, and suck my
pussy.” Then

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