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Abdul Kareem Egyptian Musk Oil has a
cult following at $25. In my opinion, however,
the greatest musk on the planet is Acqua di
Colonia Muschio Oro, from the famed pharmaceutical
nuns at the convent of Santa Maria
Novella of Florence, that sells for $125. What’s
their secret? Who knows? Maybe the ancient
apothecary, which dates back to the Renaissance,
still has some musk deer oil in the wine
cellar, or even a few of those weird, fanged little
Himalayan deer roaming their gardens.

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I have healthy, long brown hair and I’m considering
the man bun. Am I too late? And if not,
where does one go to buy a man hair band?
I prefer the term top knot. “Man bun” seems to be
part of the usual macho mockery of guys who
dare to look different. Calling it a man bun is far
worse than wearing one. I spent much of my life
with hair of shoulder length or more; sometimes
I let it hang and sometimes I tied it back in a
ponytail. But if I really wanted it out of the way—
while changing piston rings or making soup—I
wore a top knot. I don’t think those elastic hair
ties are very gender specific, but go for one in a
color that blends in. I doubt there are many
smart alecks who’d dare call a sumo wrestler’s
chonmage a man bun. That distinctive vertical
hair style was originally intended to keep samurai
helmets on or to cushion colliding wrestlers
from head injury. It’s a coiffure that plays defense.
You can’t get a samurai hair dresser if you’re
not a sumo wrestler, but you can oil your own
hair, comb it to the center and create a shaped
“queue” with a couple of hair ties, resulting in a
do that’s functional, exotic and slightly scary.
I’ve been wearing glasses since I was a teen,
and am contemplating trying contact lenses or
even Lasik surgery. My wife, however, is resistant
to the idea. She likes my glasses and says
that I shouldn’t mess with a good thing. I love
the idea of not having to put on glasses in order
to see. What do you think?
There’s no reason not to try contacts. And
they’re your eyes, not hers. You can always take
your contacts out and put on glasses when your
wife is in the mood. Lasik surgery is a little scarier,
but apparently 96% of those who have it are
satisfied with the results. Still, you might wind
up having to get another surgery some years

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n the road if your eyes change, but if your
prescription hasn’t altered in a long time, you
are probably a good candidate for Lasik. Pick
out the most experienced doc around. Your wife

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