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life, therefore, we should not rush.
This may sound outdated for the current time out of control,
but in fact the opposite is true. Bolivianos for
man simply not appropriate. All of us so I want
summer full of sensuality, taste of nature, and the other
Editor in chief: Borat Oversell
Executive Editor: Tina Tonelli
Art Director: Gecko Zrimšek
Artistic and technical editors: Live Terga, Matera
Sega Pero
Poto editor Sosa Kapetanovic

Digital potos: Ales Makovec,
Simón Kjostarov
Scanning: AM LJUBLJANA, d. o. o.
Participantes: Miso Alalay, Nike Rascovsky, Esa
Barbaric Brando Christmas Andrej Boxcar, Dejon Bora,
Noah Charny, Tina jet Jasmine Dorsey Igor
Fabian, Dara Hill, Matthew Hiba, Spelas Jamboree,
Janice Jessi, Primo Juryman, Brane Kostelac,
Gaber Kardinia, Ruska Kiser, Hermine Koranic,
Sópela Gozar Gran Kárstica, Da naja Lorenčič.
Dudan Lui Diana Matkovic, Max Modi, Bojan
Lot, Jaca Luca, Gregory Pavía Stephan Per van,
Sebastián Plena, Lora Poder, Peter Rosman,
Vasija Sémola, David Storni Tina Torillo, Zona
Segura, Erik Cifrar Natas Zinc, Gregory Salomar,
Photographer: Andres Blank, Ales Brainiac, Boor
Dobbin, Matthew Grovel, Saga Catatonic, Helena
Kernel, Ruska Kiser, Ivan Kresol Marko Cepek,
Ales Paletica, Uros Podóloga Primos Predial,
Cart Slavic, Bastian Vidrajz
Issue: LJUBLJANA Adria Media, Publishing
and marketing, d. o. o., Belousova cuesta 30, 1000
President and CEO: Thomas Drug
Editorial Director: Meta Kaci
Sales and Marketing Director: Spelas Gunk
Management Consultant for advertising marketing: Gordano
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LJUBLJANA Adria Media, Publishing and
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Printing: print Radon, d. o. o., Council Sunday, Croatia
Distribución: Delo rodaja, d. d.
Hugh M. Hefner – Editor-in-Chief
Scott Flanders – Chief Executive Officer
David Israel – Chief Operating Officer
Jimmy Jellied – Editorial Director
Mac Lewis – Art Director

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Rebecca Black – Photo Director
Mike Viola no – SVP / Content & Licensing Rights
Mary Nostos – Publishing Services Manager
Gabriela Fuentes – Digital Asset Manager
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ISSN: 1580-6294
Photo: Ales Brainiac
Janice Jessi

4 July 2016
TOP tweets
Dream Girl: ŠPELA KINK
Bird of Paradise: Das Podržaj
Dream or reality: OPEL GT
Expand horizons: Digital
Personal Trainer HANA Verde
DOUBLE temptation: Anna
LISA Heyse
22V: Nuts ZORMAN
With Wakefield in Miami
American dream: FORD MUSTANG
SUP: cheerful on the board and paddle
In your hand!
DARIA Sebulsky: primal
Aliana: intoxicating heaven

Botanist Professor. Mengele in 1906
in their family holiday villa, within twenty
years of the 19th century, built on an islet
St. Clement, opened a guesthouse far
from civilization and tourism flows.
In its prospectus at the time clearly
defined, for any guest decides:
“For all those who dabble training peace
they want on their holiday to enjoy the sun,
light, air, water and perfumed
the smell of pine completely relaxed
and in each view and all the well provided for.
“This is yet Aliana
today. Interested?
This time our interlocutor is a remarkable man: highly productive
and exceptional will to live. The best Slovenian acrobatic pilot
This year, the first part of an elite group of 14 pilot World Cup
Red Bull Air Race. Home in Procure leading high-tech
company for the production of medical equipment and ambulances
and despite the centralization of Slovenia does not intend to move
behind the foothills of the Mura. What is a journalist Gregory Pasic trust in?
great interview, see pages 48-56.
double life
Peter Podunk
YEAR 16 / NUMBER 7 w. p l a s b on y. with I TABLE OF CONTENTS

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selection. That would further increase subjectivity, we invite you
readers to give us an inkling of where freshly baked tweet you by
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6 July 2016
TOP tweets

When you live alongside Playboy photographer, called female beauty,
caught in photographic moments probably become second nature.
For Spelas Kink Brainiac, a proud mother of two children, graduate,
travel agent and wife of Ales Brainiac, which in this
section of female beauty lovers already presented dozens Slovenian
girls, including many entrance was then
only a matter of time that such a shooting becomes a family
feat. It happened in Bali, surrounded by tropical beauty, there,
where Brainiac already feel at home.
PB: They say that beauty is in the eye to see otherwise – what, in your
think makes a woman beautiful?
SKB: Woman makes a particular satisfaction that shines from it.
I believe that what the proverbial X factor for beauty is not. It is a set of
individual, strongly dominant factors – be it a
charisma, her energy, her glow, her authenticity that takes, as well as
its natural beauty and overview.
PB: Are you through your contact with her husband’s photographic work in
Playboy also change your mind set about nudity? how to get it
female nudity as part of the media?
SKB: My mindset is nudity certainly formed through
Alieve daily contact with her and love her senses and gives in
their projects. Nudity, as a part of the media, some
complete a normal and natural. It is part of us, our lives.
If at this still present art, aesthetics and professional work,
the end product is something wonderful. But I’m in dealing with women
nudity is very critical to neestetskosti, vulgarity and tretjerazrednosti.
PB: Did you by Ales good fun when they filmed this photo?
SKB: I do not know whether it is fun right word. [Laughs] Shooting
I took very seriously and anyone who knows of his professional Ales
side, knows that it has not been kidding. When he wants a good photograph, he comes to an end.
The fun starts when the work is done. I wanted to do
beautiful photos. For Playboy. For us. For the memory of Bali.
PB: The current work very close to travel. Which corner of the

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most captivated?
SKB: Enchant me for many corners of the world, such as Bhutan, India,
Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Maldives

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