Magazine Sunday Sport – 10 July 2016

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Sunday Sport – 10 July 2016

But there was one unfortunate
circumstance that our highly-paid
team of strategists and analysts
failed to anticipate.
Prices at your local rub-a-tug

Britain by our blinkered European
neighbours is like water off a
duck’s back to us.
But rising prices at Britain’s
houses of ill-repute are a sure
cause for concern.
With borders re-established, the
flood of dog’s arse-dirty eastern
European hookers is likely to
slow to a trickle.
A reduction of supply means a
certain rise in prices. The laws of
economics demand it.
This means it is up to the ladies
of Britain to fill the gap.
For too long, British women have
been content to let ambitious
foreign courtesans staff our
massage parlours.
But no longer can they shirk
their national responsibility.
It is the patriotic duty of British
women to step up to the plate.

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Sunday Sport – 10 July 2016

shop are likely to rise.
We can deal with a couple of
pennies on petrol thanks to the
slumping Pound.
And the obloquy heaped on

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