Magazine Sunday Sport – 17 July 2016

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Magazine Sunday Sport – 17 July 2016

Brianda Nayeli
Ramirez, 25, is facing a
charge of aggravated
battery with a deadly
Cops say she got into
an argument with a
man who was trying to
break up with her.
Just after he drove
away from his aunt’s
house Ramirez hit his
motor with her car,
leaving his car upside
A witness followed
the hit-and-run driver
and police later pulled
the car over and
nicked Ramirez (above),
who was found to be
wearing only a bra.
She told them she’d
tried to get her fella to
talk to her but he just
drove off. She said he
slammed on the brakes
and she rear-ended his
Ramirez of Clewiston,
Florida, also told cops
she relies on his income
to survive.
Woman in
bra upends
fella’s car
A MAN has been quizzed
by cops after his family
say they caught having
sex with a pig.
Relatives of the
unnamed 40-year-old
man told officers he
“regularly” tried to
have intercourse with
animals, including hens.
He is understood to
suffer from alcoholism
and is expected to
have a psychological
evaluation to see
whether he should face
trial or receive urgent
medical treatment.
A court in Vila
Verde, near Braga, in
northern Portugal, is
leading the probe into
the jobless bachelor
on suspicion of animal
He is said to live in a
village near Vila Verde
and have grown up in
a problem family with
“very poor education”.
He has so far not
been charged.
Hen shagger
pokes porker
MPs Dwarf extremist
blames political
crisis on ‘Biggers’
MAYHEM: Pinkerton wants
to see the back of politicians
like (top to bottom) Cameron,
Corbyn and Johnson
HALF of Britain’s MPs should be under four
feet tall and laughing at a midget should
be an imprisonable offence.
They are just two of the proposals suggested
by firebrand Alfie Pinkerton, head of the
Dwarf Nationalist Party.
Pinkerton, 56 – who calls normal-sized people
“Biggers” and believes that dwarfs are genetically superior
to their lofty neighbours – reckons the time
the Biggers out of power
and Britain will be a
happier land.”
Pinkerton made his
demands for a dwarf
quota in the House of
Commons while giving
a press conference on
Parliament Green in
Westminster last week.
Pinkerton told Sunday
Sport: “The mainstream
media, which is controlled
by Biggers, may ignore
us for now – but we are a
force to be reckoned with.”
has come for his party
to seize power.
The tiny tinpot tyrant
said: “Hundreds of years
of Bigger rule have
brought us to the state
of chaos we’re now in.
“The mayhem over
the EU referendum, the
implosion of the Labour
Party and the unseemly
squabble for leadership
of the Tory Party have
all made people question
mainstream politics.
“It’s not unfair to say
all our troubles are
caused by Biggers. Get
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Magazine Sunday Sport – 17 July 2016

SIZZLING pop babe
Rita Ora found herself
at the centre of a SCAT
sex scandal.
The Hot Right Now
singer was sent a taboo
fetish request by one of
her horny followers
after she shared a sexy
snap of herself on
social media.
One kinky fan
admitted he would
happily chow down on
the singer’s poo after
seeing the photo of Rita
in a thigh-high frock.
Tommy Turner
wrote: “I’d eat your
The coprophiliac
fetishist left the shocking
comment on the Rita’s
Instagram page after
she shared the recent
photo of herself.
But the 25-year-old
(above) hasn’t responded
to the outrageous request.
Rita wore the racy
outfit for an appearance
on America’s Next Top
Model. She has also
recently filmed scenes
for the upcoming S&M

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